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Cut Cable, and Fios - Save over $500 per Year with Free Digital Christian, Relgious and Inspirational Channels via Satellite. For more details regarding some the most popular channels, please click on this image.

Heaven Sent Television is the FTA Expert

Tired of high TV Bills? SAVE over $500 per year - CUT CABLE! Heaven Sent TV specializes in FREE digital and HDTV programming. Heaven Sent Television offers a broad array of television antenna reception and digital tv signal distribution equipment at reasonable prices for professional or DIY, do-it-yourself installations.

Heaven Sent TV are digital satellite experts with over 10 years experience, and hundreds of professionally installed Digital satellite systems in Commercial business and Residential home locations in Sarasota, Mantee and Charlotte, Florida Counties. We stock many different digital satellite dish antennas, satellite poles, mounts, and installation hardware.

Interested in Christian, Faith based, Inspirational and Family friendly TV channels? Heaven Sent TV has over 40 digital satellite channels available for FREE every month using a small satellite dish.

See our store for Equipment Package Specials. Have an RV? We can assist you with satellite dish signal for your DirecTV, FTA or DishNetwork systems.

Heaven Sent TV and Free-to-Air

Heaven Sent TV is the Free-To-Air specialist, whether you're looking for quality programming from a satellite dish antenna or digital antenna for you high definition digital local channels.

Free To Air is a term that refers to digital television signals that are not in any way encrypted or scrambled. Heaven Sent TV is a big fan of these channels and programs which are intended to be viewed free of charge, and we want to help others enjoy them, while saving money and improving channel quality. The abbreviation for this type of tv signal distribution is FTA. These channels are usually viewer supported, similar to PBS, or for the foreign language channels, they may be government sponsored.

Heaven Sent Television offers several different satellite receivers which will work with C Band and Ku Band. They are capable of signal reception from the most popular C band satellites and Ku band satellites like Telstar 5, Galaxy 25, AMC 4, Galaxy 10R, or any other satellites that broadcast Free To Air (FTA) programming. Heaven Sent TV's satellite receivers have automatic scan and transponder scan, so there will be minimal tech knowledge necessary to operate them.

Heaven Sent TV's FTA receivers are used for any channel that broadcasts it's signal free of charge. Some of the most popular channels are Christian and Religious Channels, like Daystar, TBN, Smile of a Child, Cornerstone TeleVision, LLBN and many more!. Foreign language channels and programming in Arabic, Persian, Iranian, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese and Spanish are also available, again at $0 per month. There are plenty of educational channels available too, along with channels of general interest, more network feeds and retro movie channels.

A real benefit that Heaven Sent TV offers with the satellite receivers we carry are the Blind Search, Blind Scan & Power Scan features, which refers to the receivers ability to automatically find Transponder (TP) frequency, symbol rate, and polarization. This is often a handy tool used to find new channels or channels that have relocated to a new transponder.

Heaven Sent Television's satellite receivers' channel reception capabilities can be enhanced with a satellite dish motor. Our Sonset line of satellite motors are some of the best on the market. Motors allow the dish to move from satellite to satellite across the entire arc. You'll have access to many more channels at a very minimal additional investment. An alternative to the motor, and one which we use for the Christian channels, is a special LNB mount which allows the satellite receiver to see two satellites simultaneously, again, even more free channels.

Ku Band FTA Satellite Dishes are much smaller

There are two types of satellite signals which have been referred to above:
C Band satellite signals are a lower frequency and come from lower power satellites, which means the satellite dish antenna has to be larger. They typically range in size from 7.5' to 10' and utilize a motor to move them so they can sweep the satellite arc to receive the maximum number of channels. Ku band capabilities can be added to the dish to further increase the number of channels available to the receiver.
Ku Band signals are a higher frequency and are Heaven Sent to us by higher power satellites, which means we can use much smaller satellite dishes. These may range from 18" for the very high power satellites, like DirecTV and DishNetwork offer, to the satellite dishes Heaven Sent TV has for receiving the FTA channels which range from 35 inches to 39 inches, or 90 cm to 1m. Satellite dishes smaller than this would be challenging to obtain enough signal from most of the Ku Band satellites.

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